Georgiana has been interested in both film-making and washing up for many years and directed this documentary for BBC 2.

2001/2 Festspillene i Bergenincluded storytelling for the first time and invited Georgiana to lead this part of their programme. The Norwegian Storytelling festivalwas founded in 2004 with Fortellerhusetand Georgiana was artistic director for 5 years. During this time guests included many national celebrities and great international storytellers.


Other productions she has directed include ‘Francis of Assisi’ for the Tnsberg festival, The story of Abraham from the Bible and the Koran for Drammen Sacred Music festival, Silke for Jacob Kulturkirke, Arr, Life of 2 asylum seekers from Iran (over 250 performances), International Storytelling Festival at Akershus Festning – festival director, Kjempen Mossa, a story from a Moroccan in Norway (over 240 performances).