In October 2017 Hawthorn Press will release ‘The Natural Storyteller’.

The Natural Storyteller contains tales from all over the world, generously sprinkled with tips for telling. Stories of adventures between birds, animals and people. Fairytales from the forest and true tales of sea, earth, and sky. Some so good readers will retell them at once.

Hugh Lupton says;

The book is life affirming. All of its stories are about taking delight in creation.

But what makes the book unique is that Georgiana’s years of working as a storyteller gives it a sense of adventure and fun. She knows how to talk with children. The book is a journey into storytelling as well as story. There are lots of tips about how to remember the structure of a story. She understands that once a story is learnt it actually works its way into the nervous system. It becomes part of you.